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Nurse helping a man at Fairview  Healthcare


"I had such a fantastic experience at Fairview Healthcare Rehabilitation! Being a retired RN, I appreciated and loved the private room plus bath. The food was delightful. The nursing and rehab staff was knowledgeable, attentive and fun! Thank you for a remarkable experience." —Judy Prinz, 4/17


"In a world where there is so much negativity, and people are so quick to find fault, I wanted to let you all know how much I have benefited by my 10 day stay here, following total knee replacement surgery; ending tomorrow morning.

Everyone I have come in contact with here has been helpful, kind, skilled and all about their patients. The beautiful, hotel/ like private room, and bath, and gorgeous facility certainly helps, but the human element in Fairview rehab truly is the best.

I hope I have a chance to recommend Fairview in the future. Thank you for everything, and best of luck in 2017."—Kathryn Kennedy Burke


"My stay was truly wonderful! The nursing and rehab staff was so great and understanding to help me keep the pain level under control.

As a former nurse, I have stayed in other Rehab facilities where having to share a room with another patient was never easy. However at Fairview Rehabilitation, the private room and bath was so delightful for privacy, rest and recuperation!

Having physical and occupational therapy everyday was a plus and motivator to get home. The food was very good. Thank you so much!"—Phyllis Herrera, 3/10/16


"My time spent in rehabilitation at Fairview Healthcare was a wonderful experience in all aspects. The quality of care, the attitude and efficiency of the staff, and the overall atmosphere was outstanding, all contributing to my quick recovery and release." —Shirley  Herd


"My experience at Fairview Rehabilitation was excellent! The staff was wonderful and attentive! A highlight of my stay, was coming in over a holiday weekend and no waiting to start therapy! Having a private room with bath was wonderful and the food was good! Thank you" — Elizabeth Dumont 7/16

Fairview Rehabilitation

Your recovery requires the best clinical care. At Fairview Healthcare our staff understands what you need and provides the medical interventions necessary for your successful recovery.

Our primary goal is to help you recover from illness or injury quickly and safely as possible; in order to smoothly transition from our therapy programs to your home environment.

We offer 3 types of Rehabilitation Services:

  • Speech Therapy- swallowing disorders, cognitive communication disorders and speech/ language disorders
  • Physical Therapy- strengthening and flexibility programs, gait training, assistance device use, fall prevention and pain control
  • Occupational Therapy- fine and gross motor coordination and activities of daily living

Nurse helping a man at Fairview  Healthcare

Services & Amenities

Fairview Rehabilitation offers thirteen private suites to assure that you have the finest accommodations as you recuperate. Each spacious suite is furnished with a private bath, flat screen TV and plenty of room for your guests to be comfortable during their visits. You'll also enjoy our 3,000 square foot gym which is stocked with the latest exercise equipment and private treatment rooms for each of our therapeutic modalities.

Fairview Rehabilitation offers a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to assist individuals recovering from a stroke, cardiac event or orthopedic procedures. Our rehabilitation team is comprised of specialty nurses, physicians, physical therapists, occupational and speech therapists working to develop an individualized treatment plan to assist our patients their recovery as quickly as possible and assist with a successful transition back home.

To the wonderful staff who take care of our residents every single day-- Congratulations on a DEFICIENCY FREE SURVEY for 2016 LTC/REHAB!


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The caring and compassionate Admissions team at Fairview is here to provide guidance to individuals seeking placement in our rehabilitation, residential, or short term skilled nursing programs.

A completed Application and Release of Information are required as part of the admissions process. Download the forms here: Application | Release of Information

More Information

Experience our warm and welcoming environment firsthand. For more information about our community or to schedule a tour, please contact Maggie Hegarty at (603) 882-5261or mhegarty@fairviewhealthcare.com.